National Girlfriends Day 2018

National Girlfriends Day

Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day! National Girlfriends Day isn’t an official holiday, so offices will remain open and work will go on as usual. National Girlfriends Day was simply instituted as a special reminder for us all to honour the wonderful women in our lives that make everything better just by being there. More and more people are […]

Sleep Helps You Achieve Better Brain Function

sleep helps

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Some people would say that this is a waste of precious time. But sleep helps our bodies in many ways, some of which you probably didn’t know about. Sleeping is a very important part of good health and well being. It can be even more important than […]

Preserve the Durability of Your Bamboo Pillow Case

Bamboo Pillow Case preserve durability

Congratulations on purchasing a bamboo pillow case! Whether it came with your fabulous bamboo pillow or you bought a spare pillow case, you are now the proud owner of a very high quality product that is going to help you sleep better. The bamboo pillow case we offer is made to last, but you can […]

Is Bamboo Fabric Actually Durable?

bamboo fabric

The bamboo plant is a grass that grows all over the world. This amazing grass produces tall and very strong poles. Bamboo fabric that is made through mechanical rather than chemical processes retains much of the plant’s natural durability.   Bamboo fabric is made from bamboo fibres that are extracted from bamboo shoots that are […]

Antibacterial Bamboo Kun Helps Prevent Infant Group B Strep Infection

Antibacterial Bamboo Kun Helps Prevent Infant Group B Strep Infection

Group B strep is a normally harmless bacterial infection in the intestinal or lower genital tracts of 25% of all healthy, adult females. This common bacteria can be passed on to babies during delivery, however, and potentially result in death. Simple precautions like getting antibiotic treatment as necessary and using antibacterial bamboo kun and antibacterial memory foam products […]

How Fitbit Sleep Tracking Helps You Improve Sleep Quality

Fitbit Improve Sleep

Fitbit has sleep tools that help you learn more about how you sleep, and take an active role in managing your sleep. Fitbit sleep tracking is just one of these tools, and it actually helps people sleep better. Understanding Sleep States Fitbit sleep tracking involves the recording of the times when you are asleep, and […]

4 Powerful Ways That Bedtime Reading is a Great Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid Bedtime Reading

There are many studies showing the strong link between bedtime reading and sleeping well. Whatever age group you are in, reading may just be the best natural sleep aid that you can do anywhere. For many parents who struggle to balance career and kids, reading has been the go-to way to lull kids off to […]