10-Pack Bamboo Vinegar Herbal Detox Adhesive Foot Patches

10-Pack Bamboo Vinegar Herbal Detox Adhesive Foot Patches

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Aids Weight Loss

Having trouble getting your weight under control? Apply these weight loss patches to help regulate your metabolism, blood circulation and sleep. These bamboo vinegar sticky foot pads also work by promoting proper intestinal peristalsis and effectively eliminating excess moisture that can cause the appearance of bloating.

Relieves Pain and Promotes Relaxation

Had a rough day at work and want to relax? Grab a pair of foot cleansing pads and let them draw your stress away. These feet toxin pads are formulated for mental and physical relaxation.

How to Use Foot Patch

These foot patches for toxins are very easy to apply. Just clean and dry the soles of your feet, peel off the paper backing, and stick one herbal foot patch on each foot between the ball and the heel as pictured. Leave the toxin pads on for 6-10 hours to get the full foot patch benefits, ideally as you sleep, Then simply peel off each detoxification foot patch when you get up in the morning and wash your feet with soap.


Enjoy foot toxin removal while you sleep after a challenging day with bamboo vinegar foot sole pads. The adhesive foot pads pull out harmful toxins in feet that accumulate there from the body, preventing them from disrupting the body’s natural functioning. They remove foot toxins through the night for improved concentration as your body releases toxins with every application.

Safe and Natural

These adhesive foot pads are made from components of the highest quality. The active bamboo vinegar and wood vinegar tourmaline ingredients used in each foot pad are 100% natural and safe for your skin and body.


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