Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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This cool gel memory foam pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during sleep and promote better health with perfect head and neck contour.

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Cooling Gel Technology

The best part of this gel memory foam pillow is its cooling gel technology for maximum comfort. Each orthopedic pillow has a soothing outer layer of cool gel that works to keep you cool while you sleep. It draws away heat and absorbs the ambient temperature to equalize yours and release excess body heat. Optimum sleep occurs at lower temperatures, and the cool gel top layer of the support pillow helps you achieve that cooler feeling for quality sleep. This means no more night sweats with each night feeling equally comfortable.

Snoring and Pain Relief

The Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow comfortably cradles the head, neck, and shoulders for even support. The natural resting space makes this both a back and side sleeper pillow that prevents stiffness, discomfort, and awkward positions that can cause snoring, insomnia, asthma, neck pain, TMJ and migraines. The combined features of this contoured pillow reduce muscle tension and improve your neck and spine alignment.

Innovative Contour Shape

This contour memory foam pillow has a unique shape. The perfect head and neck contour makes it a great pillow for back pain as it helps the shoulders and neck relax as you sleep in a more natural and comfortable position. The contoured support of this as a back sleeper pillow prevents and relieves muscle tension and properly aligns the spine to promote better health.

Never Goes Flat

This visco elastic memory foam pillow provides superior support.  It is engineered with a distributed pore structure and several layers so you get both a firm memory foam pillow and a soft memory foam pillow at the same time – support and comfort where they are needed. Memory foam bed pillows are not created equal, and this one is made to last, providing sustained cooling comfort and superior sleep support.

Hypoallergenic Pillow and Cover

Memory foam is hypoallergenic, giving you relief from the symptoms of hay fever and other airborne allergens. This can help reduce chronic breathing issues. In turn, it increases the length of uninterrupted sleep. A polyester mesh covers the pillow, protecting it from various dirt and allergens – without reducing its cooling effect. The cover is easy to wash and dries fast so you can keep it clean and keep using your Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow.


Periodically spot clean and carefully dry your pillow. Use only non-abrasive cleansers to avoid damaging the memory foam.

Weight 0.998 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 10 cm
Color White
Materials Memory Foam, 100% Polyester Mesh Cover

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  1. I have tried a contour type Memory foam pillow before and gave up on it because my head gets too hot at night and I often have to turn my pillow over, well I can honestly say that I did not need to when I used this pillow as the gel actually works. I am away at the moment and did not bring it with me because where I am have a little dog that gets on the bed and I was afraid of it puncturing the Gel with her claws, but I really wish I had brought it as I have a migraine today and I feel certain it would have helped me sleep it off.
    I am pleased with the contouring as well, it is not as thick as my older one and I can sleep on my back, my side and my front quite comfortably. I am wishing now for a complete mattress in the same memory foam with gel to keep nice and cool in the summer.

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