The Bamboo Pillow: On A Mission to Give You the Best Ever Sleeping Experience

Our Story

A fantastic sleep is our mission! You spend one-third of your lifetime in bed. That’s eight hours per day, every single day. Imagine spending this time in complete tranquility and comfort while you rest. It’s exactly what you experience with The Bamboo Pillow. We provide the ultimate in luxury with bamboo-made pillows and other bedding products. Once you put our pillows, sheets, and duvets on your mattress, you will achieve a perfect sleeping experience beyond compare.

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Your kind words are part of what drives us to continue to improve our service. That is why your comments and suggestions matter to us. Since you are our top priority, our team is always be ready to assist you when necessary. Be sure to relay any suggestions, concerns or inquiries to one of our expert agents. Or, simply email us

Our Legacy

We want to be the go-to brand for high quality, eco-friendly bamboo products. In the end, we want to create a sustainable world for our children. We should all make a conscious effort to do small things that can protect the Earth. Making purchases of environmentally-friendly merchandise produces a better future for everyone. We encourage you to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products like those of the Bamboo Pillow to your circle of friends and family. Baby steps count!

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Ethical Sourcing

It is The Bamboo Pillow’s commitment to discover the most sustainable sources of bamboo products. We adhere to fair trade policies. We ensure our employees work in a good environment. And we run our company on a sustainable business model with strict compliance to local and international policies. We only support those businesses with similar missions and policies.

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The Bamboo Pillow’s goal is to make you feel better. Not simply with the products we sell, but with how and where we produce them. Our products provide both physical and mental comfort to the consumer. This, combined with the abundance of rest received, can turn consumers into sustainability warriors. We hope you join us!