We’re on a Mission to Give You the Perfect Sleep Experience

Our Story

Did you know you spend one-third of your lifetime in bed? Yes, that’s eight hours per day, every single day. Imagine spending this time in complete tranquility and perfect comfort while you rest. It’s exactly what you experience with The Bamboo Pillow.

The Bamboo Pillow provides ultimate luxury. Along with our other bedding products, you achieve a perfect sleeping experience beyond compare.

Sleep and stress are directly correlated. When you feel well rested, you take away stress. And, you set your body and mind for complete relaxation. With a good night’s sleep, you are ready to take on anything!

We Took the Idea From Past Successes

As early as the 1860s, bamboo was utilized as a structural element in items like corsets. Thanks to modern technology and the plant’s eco-friendliness, bamboo is now used in numerous products. This includes those of The Bamboo Pillow.

What we Offer to our Customers

The Bamboo Pillow offers a full line of bamboo products from various-sized memory pillows, bed sheets and crib bedding sets to clothes and towels. All our products are made from 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of cotton or hemp.

Why Choose The Bamboo Pillow?

Comfort and luxury

Comfort and luxury are especially relevant to us in the sale of our bamboo bedding products.

Luxury and Comfort

With The Bamboo Pillow, the comfort of resort living is possible right in your own home. We bring you high-quality Bamboo Pillows amongst other products. All have luxurious textures and are soft to touch. They feel like silk on your skin, so you will definitely sleep like a baby. In fact, our pillows and beddings are highly recommended for babies because they are all natural and very safe, even for newborns. Yet, bamboo fabrics are very strong and durable. With the proper care, they can last you many, many years.

100% hypoallergenic

100% hypoallergenic to ease skin and breathing issues.


People who suffer from allergies and eczema will find relief in bamboo products. They are free of any toxic materials and chemicals. This is because they are harvested and manufactured in the most natural way. Our bamboo is sourced organically. There are no artificial fertilizers or pesticides used to grow them. There’s not even a hint of factory smell, even when you open the product package for the first time. Bamboo fibers are naturally soothing and cause no abrasion. This makes it perfect for sensitive skin.


Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly products in today’s world.


Bamboo is one of the most renewable and sustainable materials, which makes it a well-loved product. Bamboo plants use space and water sparingly and do not require replanting. It takes only about three years to grow bamboo. In addition, they can grow in vast amounts. Bamboo is also biodegradable and leaves a small carbon footprint. If you adore Mother Nature, you will most definitely love the products from The Bamboo Pillow!