Superior Bamboo Fibre Products Help you Rest from your Labours

Labour Day Bamboo Fabric Products

The first of May is celebrated by many countries around the world as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day. In the UK, the holiday is called May Day and is traditionally celebrated every first Monday of May. As declared in 1978, it is also commemorated as a UK bank holiday.

Over the centuries, May Day is celebrated with various festivities and rites. In Great Britain, the celebration of May Day has been associated with International Worker’s Day dating back to the late 19th century, but technically this has not been considered Labour Day. Every year, people hold a large May Day march in London to voice out in the streets about labour-related issues.

May Day Rebirth

May Day in the UK goes as far back in the centuries to the Roman times when rebirth and fertility were celebrated with a pagan festival. At present, it still is used as an occasion to hold traditional fertility rites and planting ceremonies. Although festivities usually involved merriment and fun, there are those that also implicated spiritual appeals for protection from the spirits. Ireland and Scotland made it Beltane, a Gaelic May Day because it marked the day between spring equinox and summer solstice. This manner of celebrating May Day shows that it is in no way connected with Labour Day. However, the idea that the holiday requires rest from regular work suggests that the connection is possible.

May Day renewal

Labour Day Rest

Labour Day is observed around the world as a day to uphold workers’ rights, a show of commitment to the fight to preserve and maintain the same for the working class. The 1st of May became a public holiday after protesting workers were killed in a rally that turned out badly in 1886 which was then on known as the Haymarket massacre. Originally, this was the day when workers would fight for the eight-hour working day. Eventually, the workers were able to fight for the right to limit the number of working hours and had more time to rest from a day’s work.

By the 19th century, the formulation of trade unions became popular all over the world and labour movements became widespread. As a result, May 1st was made into International Workers’ Day. The UK chose to follow the date and the practice of holding rallies. To date, the UK has been holding large scale rallies in major British cities like London and Edinburgh. Demonstrations are about anti-capitalist protests or in support for trade unions or workers’ rights.

Even though there is no obvious connection between May Day and Labour Day, what is apparent is the opportunity to rest and recharge. This year, the first Monday of May falls on the 4th thereby giving the British a long weekend to enjoy. A good relaxing rest is in order after all the noisy ruckus about anti-capitalist protests and pro-labor rallies.

True Rest from Labours

Use the long weekend to experience complete comfort with superior bamboo fibre products. Do not deprive yourself from enjoying the comfort and rest your body deserves using the various bamboo products that are made from one of nature’s wonders.


Good towels should be both soft and absorbent. Towels wipe away the extra moisture after a good shower. Don’t use those that are made from rough material as they cause skin irritation and may even damage your skin. It is the same for materials that do not absorb fully as they leave moisture behind which can also cause skin irritations. The best towels are made from bamboo fibre products as they are both soft and absorbent.

Bamboo fibre products are anti-microbial. Towels get wet every day. They don’t get cleaned as often as we use them so they can get dirty just as fast. What is more is that the constant moisture that remains on the towel attracts dirt fast and encourages bacterial growth. Bamboo fibre products holds off the formation and growth of bacteria. These products also have very good moisture wicking properties and that means they dry fast, further preventing bacterial growth.

Bamboo Fabric Products for rest and renewal


Some of the more popular bamboo fibre products are in the form of clothing. Bamboo pulp plant fibres are made into a wide variety of dresses, slacks, shirts, and even socks. Sportswear and active wear clothing are best for bamboo fibre because of the natural anti-microbial properties of the material.

Simply put, bamboo fibre products are great for wearing. They are soft and comfortable even for those who have sensitive skin. A big plus in the comfort area is the bamboo fibre’s moisture wicking properties. You can feel comfortable after the sweatiest workout as the bamboo fibre keeps moisture away from your skin. What makes it a great investment is that the material does not shrink like other ordinary fibres do.


Another popular bamboo fibre product are beddings. Buying a set of this kind of beddings is getting your money’s worth. Some bamboo fibre products for beddings include mattress toppers, sheets and pillowcases and are found to be the most comfortable beddings ever made. Bamboo fibre products are really soft and comfortable like silk. They are best to use as beddings because they are cooler during summer months and warmer during cold months. Bamboo fibre products also keep you dry and regulate your temperature, so that you can sleep properly. These products also prevent you from having allergies as they resist bacteria and its growth. Moreover, they won’t tend to shrink or pile even if they are washed often.


The point of true rest lies not in the fact that you have adequate worker rights and being able to celebrate once in a while. It is experiencing the comfort and support that your body deserves in order for it to truly rest and recover from the daily toils of the day.