The Bamboo Pillow believes you deserve high-quality products made in combination with ethical and eco-friendly practices. We use bamboo materials sourced from suppliers in line with these standards.

Each time you purchase bamboo products, you not only create a better, more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family, but you also make a significant contribution to bamboo farmers, cultivators and the environment. Here are some of the reasons the switch to bamboo products is one of the best choices you’ll make in the long run.

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

Like any other plant, bamboo helps reduce greenhouse gases. The difference with bamboo is it absorbs carbon dioxide five times greater than other plants and releases 35% more oxygen.

When you use bamboo pillows and bed sheets, or when you wear bamboo clothes, you infuse a positive effect in the air we breathe.

Grows Fast

The demand for bamboo products continues to grow, but this shouldn’t be a problem. With the right cultivation, bamboo trees grow up to four feet in a day. This makes the plant a sustainable choice for raw materials. It also means plenty of bamboo for pandas.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike cotton, bamboo doesn’t need chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides to grow. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about inhaling irksome chemicals when you wear a bamboo-fiber t-shirt. Nor should you concern yourself when you sleep on a bamboo pillow.

Dries Fast

Bamboo fibers contain microscopic holes to make our products highly breathable. This means machine-drying pillowcases,  sheets, towels and clothes made of bamboo won’t consume large amounts of energy. You can even hang them dry to further reduce your electricity use.

Saves on Water

Since it doesn’t require extra irrigation. bamboo is an ethical and eco-friendly choice to help maintain a healthy water table. Bamboo fibers have high absorption rates, so you use less water to clean your purchases. Overall, the selection of bamboo clothes, towels and other products is an investment toward your children’s future and Mother Earth.

Improves soil fertility

Through leaf fall, bamboo helps improve the fertile quality of the soil. This makes bamboo a powerful ally in the rehabilitation and restoration of land degradation. Bamboo also reduces soil erosion. Its roots bind to the soil to form an ecological infrastructure to help improve land health.

Bamboo is known as the ‘wise man’s timber’ for good reason. It’s a sturdy building material for structures and furniture pieces. It also creates livelihoods and provides environmental solutions.

So, each time you buy pillows or clothes made of bamboo, you improve your well-being. In addition, you also help create a sustainable world for generations to come.