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  • wimbledon tennis

    Wimbledon 2020 Cancelled

    It is almost that time of the year when people would go watch a sporting event in their formal suits and gowns. You’ll only see that during Wimbledon season which is scheduled to start on Monday, June 29 and ends on Sunday, July 12. Wimbledon in South West London is the place where one of four annual Grand Slam tennis…

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  • royalty bamboo products

    Feel Like Royalty with Bamboo Products

    Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays to celebrate: her actual birthday on 21 April and her official birthday on (usually) the second Saturday in June. To mark The Queen’s birthday in June, over 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians come together to give a great display of military precision, horsemanship and fanfare. Princess Elizabeth was a young girl who…

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  • Labour Day Bamboo Fabric Products

    Superior Bamboo Fibre Products Help you Rest from your Labours

    The first of May is celebrated by many countries around the world as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day. In the UK, the holiday is called May Day and is traditionally celebrated every first Monday of May. As declared in 1978, it is also commemorated as a UK bank holiday. Over the centuries, May Day is celebrated with various festivities…

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