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  • Labour Day Bamboo Fabric Products

    Superior Bamboo Fibre Products Help you Rest from your Labours

    The first of May is celebrated by many countries around the world as Labour Day or International Worker’s Day. In the UK, the holiday is called May Day and is traditionally celebrated every first Monday of May. As declared in 1978, it is also commemorated as a UK bank holiday. Over the centuries, May Day is celebrated with various festivities…

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  • sleep and learning

    How Sleep Affects Learning

    Memory, sleep, and learning are not completely understood by people. However, based on studies, the quantity and quality of a person’s sleep can have a huge impact on the memory and learning process. According to research, sleep can aid in learning and memory in two ways: Firstly, a sleep-deprived person cannot focus his or her attention entirely, and therefore, cannot…

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  • Fitbit Improve Sleep

    The Bamboo Pillow and World Sleep Day

    Stop your desperate battle with sleep because it might cost you your life. Most people nowadays are taking sleep for granted. Sadly, it is sacrificed for longer hours of work, for reading that last chapter of a favorite book, or for another chance at annihilating the horde of zombies on the gaming console. World Sleep Day This is why the…

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