Our Legacy

It is The Bamboo Pillow’s legacy to be the go-to brand for high quality, eco-friendly bamboo products. It is our long-term goal to create a sustainable world for our children. This may sound far-fetched, but we believe that we, as consumers, have a very important responsibility in making key decisions in the commodities that we support. When we make a conscious effort in doing small things that can protect the earth, like buying environmental-friendly merchandise, then we are doing our job in helping create a better future for everyone. If we all have the same mindset, together, we create a powerful force in ensuring a safer, sustainable earth.

In line with our passion to go green, The Bamboo Pillow is always looking for new and loveable eco-friendly products that won’t only make Mother Nature smile, but will leave our customers 100% satisfied too. Our bamboo pillows and other bamboo products are sourced from top manufacturers that adhere to strict environmental policies and provide end products that are above industry standards.

We encourage you to promote eco-friendly, sustainable products to your small circles of friends and family. Baby steps do count!

All this aside Bamboo Products will help you live a much healthier and pro active life. Your sleep will become of better quality and will help with your breathing, allergies amongst many other factors. Bamboo is the way forward!