The Bamboo Pillow and World Sleep Day

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Stop your desperate battle with sleep because it might cost you your life. Most people nowadays are taking sleep for granted. Sadly, it is sacrificed for longer hours of work, for reading that last chapter of a favorite book, or for another chance at annihilating the horde of zombies on the gaming console.

World Sleep Day

This is why the hosts and organizers of World Sleep Day can’t stress enough how important a good night’s sleep is. The World Sleep Society together with their guests come together to this yearly event called World Sleep Day to promote awareness that sleep is a human privilege that is often perilously affected by the unhealthy daily routine we follow today.

The event is intended to celebrate sleep and cause people to act on the important problems that affect sleep. Some common ones are in the areas of medicine, education, social life, and regular activities like driving. Through the event, the organizers plan to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society by advocating better prevention and management of sleep disorders. Usually scheduled on the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox of each year, World Sleep Day this year will happen on March 13, 2020.

World Sleep Day 2020

What is Sleep?

Sleep is a natural and habitual human activity that involves the closing of eyes, resting of bodies, and rendering minds unconscious. This is a way for people to recharge their bodies after the many hours of mental, physical, and emotional activity performed during wakefulness. This prolonged activity drains the body of its physical strength. Sleep is also a vital process that enables all the parts of the body and mind to function properly, from the cell mitochondria to full body coordination.

Types of Sleep

A typical sleep cycle starts at a wakefulness stage that shifts to the sleeping stage. At this point, the brain waves slow down as the transition brings the brain from wakefulness to wave patterns. Then the person slips into light sleep where the brain waves get slower but still show sudden bursts of electrical activity. Next is deep sleep where the body’s temperature goes down and breathing and heartbeat slow down. These three sleep types are described as the stages of Non-REM sleep.

More or less 90 minutes after falling asleep, a person falls into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. The brain waves are similar to the patterns of wakefulness. The person’s eyelids are closed, but they move rapidly from side to side. Their breathing and heart rate become faster again, and show irregularities, just like during different wakeful activities. At this time, dreaming occurs and the body is temporarily paralyzed so that the person dreaming will not act out those dreams and possibly hurt themselves or others.

On a typical night, a sleeping person goes through repeated cycles of these three types of non-REM sleep and REM sleep.

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Sleep is Important

There is no question that sleep is just as important to survival as eating and drinking are. Getting enough sleep allows a person to enjoy optimal health. Enough restful sleep allows you to reap benefits like:

  1. a strengthened immune system;
  2. increased focus and concentration;
  3. reduced stress and improved mood;
  4. improved learning; and,
  5. disease prevention (e.g. heart disease).

No amount of energy drinks or wonder vitamins can ever take the place of a good night’s rest. If you are not making an effort to get good rest every night, you are risking your own and your family’s safety.

Use the Bamboo Pillow for Better Sleep

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