Why Having Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric is Important

Why Having Antibacterial Bamboo Fabric is Important

Antibacterial bamboo fabric is important to have because it protects you and your loved ones. Most of the fabrics that you use for your clothing, bedding, furniture covers, curtains, and more collect bacteria as you use them.

Sure, you wash them – but how often? It doesn’t take long for bacteria to make a home in fabrics with all those nice little pockets and crevices that are formed by fabric weaves. And does washing really remove these bacteria? Not necessarily.

Antibacterial Bamboo Works

Antibacterial bamboo fabric repels bacteria so that it cannot stay on the fabric, much less live there. This is because of a property that only bamboo has called bamboo kun. Bamboo kun is a natural element made by the bamboo plant that protects it from the attacks from harmful microbes – and fungi as well. It’s this bamboo kun that makes the plant grow strong and tall without the help of any pesticides.

Bamboo viscose or rayon may no longer have the full effects that bamboo kun offers because of the chemicals added during the processing of the fibers. Mechanically processed bamboo, however, leaves the property unaltered.

So when you use antibacterial bamboo that is processed without chemicals, you are essentially surrounding yourself with a natural antimicrobial agent that keeps the bad bugs away.

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Antibacterial bamboo fabric protects you by reducing your exposure to bacteria that can make you sick. Sure, you probably eat right and exercise and take vitamins – or do you? Antibacterial bamboo fabric can be a big help to your immune system, which is likely compromised in today’s world of increased stress, poor diet and no time for physical activity.


If you do find the time to exercise despite your busy schedule, you may shy away from rigorous training because of that annoying thing that happens when you sweat – you not only feel hot and get sticky all over, but you begin to smell. We already know that bamboo fabric is thermoregulating and moisture wicking, and therefore keeps you cool when you exercise – less sweat on your body, less body odour. But antibacterial bamboo fabric also keeps the odour in check by combating the bacteria itself. Bacteria is found everywhere, and it tends to gather on our skin because it feeds on the proteins that our sweat contains. When bacteria breaks down these proteins, it creates that pungent odour. Eliminating the bacteria eliminates the odour produced.

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Antibacterial bamboo fabric therefore makes the best workout wear, as well as everyday wear in hot climates and for people who simply tend to sweat more than others. Other fabrics, although absorbent, will just harbour bacteria, particularly if they are not moisture wicking since they will just keep the sweat trapped in. Polyester and cotton, for instance, encourage bacterial growth according to a 2014 study while nylon and viscose – although chemically treated – inhibits it. A 2011 study also found that bamboo viscose and regenerated bamboo have superior antibacterial qualities.

Ensure you and your loved ones are protected against unwarranted bacterial infections with antibacterial bamboo. Use it wherever and whenever you can, because in this mad world we live in, we need all the help we can find!