Bamboo Workout Wear is the Best Choice

Bamboo Workout Wear

Bamboo workout wear is the best because bamboo fabrics have a special combination of properties that make it better than other types of fabric on the market today. Bamboo workout wear keeps you cooler and fresher for longer, and is really comfortable to wear, even after a long, sweaty workout.

Bamboo Workout Wear Keeps You Cool and Fresh

Bamboo workout wear is much more ABSORBENT and MOISTURE WICKING than other materials.

For instance, cotton, is also very absorbent – although 40% less than bamboo – but cotton isn’t moisture wicking. This means that cotton fabrics do not have the ability to draw moisture to its surface. A material like cotton can therefore absorb sweat, but there’s a limit. When the material simply cannot absorb any more moisture, it stays there. Bamboo fabrics can wick the moisture away to its surface so that evaporation can happen. This means that as bamboo fabric absorbs moisture, it is also releasing it into the air so it remains absorptive.

Other materials used to make active wear, such as rayon and polyester, also have wicking properties, but not as good as bamboo workout wear. Plus, they do not absorb moisture very well. This means that your sweat gets trapped inside, on your skin, until some of the moisture can evaporate. This can take a long while if you sweat a lot. Meanwhile, the synthetic fabric is stuck to your skin, which is not comfortable at all.

Sweat is a natural reaction to heat, so most everyone sweats when they work out. Sweating helps keep your body temperature within normal limits to protect the brain and other vital organs. But sweating is very uncomfortable, leaving you feeling wet and musky. Bamboo workout wear is the best because it can quickly absorb your sweat, pull it away from your body, and release it into the air. This leaves you dry and much more comfortable since you feel cool and fresh even as you sweat even more. This makes exercise time more enjoyable, which means you will be motivated to exercise more!

Bamboo workout wear is also highly BREATHABLE.

Bamboo fabrics have tiny holes in them. This is because bamboo yarns are very smooth and resilient, so when they are woven into cloth, tiny holes are a natural result. (These holes also make bamboo workout wear wick better.) A breathable fabric like this allows air to flow through it, aiding evaporations and keeping you cool as you work out.

Bamboo Workout Wear Keeps You Comfortable

Bamboo workout wear is also extremely COMFORTABLE.

Bamboo cloth has greater elasticity than cotton because this is a natural property of its fibres, and yarn. This mean that you won’t feel strained as you move around while wearing it.

Bamboo cloth is also extremely SOFT.

It causes slightly more friction than cotton does – about 1-2%. However, this is an almost undetectable amount, and its softness more than makes up for it. The closest material to bamboo is silk in terms of its soft feel against the skin. This means that it is less likely to cause skin irritation even after a vigorous workout.

The antibacterial / antifungal properties of bamboo also help protect your skin. Bamboo kun is the natural compound that gives bamboo workout wear its antibacterial / antifungal properties. Bamboo kun is produced by the bamboo plant itself as an agent against pests and enemy growths. Mechanically extracted bamboo fibres retain this compound, so it’s present all the way up to when the bamboo workout wear is made. As you tumble about and sweat in the gym, bamboo workout wear keeps you safe from germs. Gyms are not the cleanest of places, so you need bamboo workout wear to shield you from all the harmful germs present there.

Many of the most avid exercise enthusiasts have made the switch to bamboo workout wear because of these top qualities that bamboo can offer. This isn’t all that’s great about  bamboo workout wear, however. Bamboo fabric has great drapability, so it makes for very attractive clothing. It can also be dyed just like other types of cloth, so you can get it in a wide range of colors.

Bamboo workout wear feels and looks great – what more could you be looking for in workout wear?