The Best Memory Foam Mattress Base

memory foam mattress

What could radically change the quality of your sleep? A quality memory foam mattress, of course! It is ergonomically cushy and orthopedically designed to really make you sleep like a baby, because like the arms of a mommy, it gives the support needed as it conforms to the shape of your body thereby lessening muscle aches and pains. However, you cannot maximize memory foam’s responsiveness if you are not utilizing it correctly.

Here are some suggestions on how to be able to get the most from using your topper.

A Good Foundation

Memory Foam Needs a Rigid Base

Without a good support or base, any mattress, be it memory foam or not, will definitely sag. A slatted bed base is best for thicker memory foam mattress as long as the slats are not too far from each other. This is so as not to compromise the support needed for the memory foam when it sags through the spaces of the slats. The important thing is to have a stiff base bed that can support the memory foam.

slatted bed frame

Platforms versus Box Springs

The perfect base that you can use for a memory foam mattress is the floor or you can put it on a platform type bed. This gives a flat and stable support for the mattress. If you do prefer to use the box spring, you can still do that but you will not get the most advantage from memory foam.

Box springs will instead cause the memory foam to sag right in the middle, because where weight is placed, box springs tend to bend more and the memory foam sags with it. This, in effect, contradicts memory foam’s basic characteristics of weight distribution and anti-motion transfer. Therefore, when you lie on the bed alone you will tend to stay where the sag is, and when you sleep with a companion, both of you will roll toward the middle. The said scenarios do not allow a restful sleep or a comfortable lying position. In the long run, no matter how good your memory foam mattress is it will no longer return to its original form.

The only time a box spring should be resorted to is when it is necessary to give the needed support for a memory foam mattress that your bed does not have as is, like when your bed frame is made for box springs. Putting memory foam on top of this bed frame will surely cause the mattress to sag through the spaces. Moreover, be cautious when using box springs with actual springs on it, because these will destroy your memory foam mattress.

box spring base

Mattress Stacking

Thinner memory foam mattress toppers are just laid on top of the mattress that you already have. Be warned, however, that if your existing mattress is already deformed, it is likely that your memory foam topper will conform to the exact shape of your old mattress and it will not provide the intended comfort and support. Ultimately, laying a piece of plywood over your saggy box spring in order to achieve that flat surface is even better than using a memory foam topper over a bumpy saggy old mattress. Your health is a priority, and now is the time to get that new mattress or bed frame.