Black Friday Only Bamboo Pillow Deal!

Black Friday Exclusive Deal

Black Friday is known as the craziest shopping day of all, not only for the Christmas season, but all year round. Holiday shoppers who want to get their gift lists ticked off early collide with everyone else who is out on the streets trying to nab the best deals available. But you don’t need to get caught up in all the chaos when you can do your shopping quietly in front of your computer. The best part is that you can still get all the best Black Friday deals.

Here at The Bamboo Pillow, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the game if you want your gift items purchased and packed before the holidays roll around. We also know that there are a lot of beloved people that you want to remember this season. This is why we are offering you an exclusive 20% Black Friday deal. Just use the coupon code “CHRISTMAS20” to avail of your discount.

Black Friday Christmas20Don’t forget, The Bamboo Pillow offers free shipping for all orders within the UK, with no minimum on your purchase. Shop now and have your order delivered right on your doorstep within three to five days. If you want your bamboo pillow shipped out faster, you can opt for our Expedited or Next Day Delivery Service for UK deliveries. Shipping is also available within a week to most locations in Europe, and you can opt for faster delivery with our Two Day Guarantee Delivery service. You can even have your bamboo pillow shipped worldwide – please contact us for details on delivery schedules for your desired destination. Wherever you want your bamboo pillow delivered to, we guarantee a same-day dispatch service that applies to all delivery locations, whether local or worldwide.

The biggest sale day of the year is just one week away, and the best shoppers are gearing up to grab all those items that they have been eyeing for months. While they strap on their elbow pads and lace up their walking shoes, you can simply pick up your tablet, snuggle down with a nice cup of tea, and visit your favorite online stores. Black Friday is relatively new to the UK, a tradition that was adopted from the US just three years ago. It has caught on quickly, however, and retailers have been warned to prepare for a crazier sale day than the last one. The price wars are going to be bananas, and most sale products will be offered for only as long as current stocks last. When you think about how harassing such a shopping day is going to be, you will be glad that you can complete your list in peace and pyjamas from your living room sofa!

Make your loved ones feel extra special with the gift of health and comfort this holiday season! The Bamboo Pillow stocks only the best quality bamboo pillows. Our organic bamboo pillows are globally sourced and made from 100% natural bamboo materials. Give the perfect gift for any cherished special someone, a durable and healthful bamboo pillow that is naturally soft and gentle on delicate skin. This hypoallergenic and highly absorbent material also promotes better sleep by keeping moisture away and regulating body temperature. Visit our home page to see the items that we have on sale for even more savings!

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