Combat Diabetes with Healthy Sleep and Diet

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The theme set for 2018-2019 World Diabetes Day is Family and Diabetes for the reason that the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) would like to urge families to become more aware of the symptoms of diabetes. Because diabetes radically affects families, the movement focuses in promoting the awareness of family members as to how diabetes changes the family and to campaign the level of involvement the members have in the handling, care, prevention, and instruction of diabetes.

The UK, on the other hand, commemorates Diabetes Week on the second week of June, or more specifically June 10th-16th. The yearly host for this event is a leading British charity group known as  Diabetes UK. The charity , through the event, aims to boost the understanding of diabetes  and gather funding for researches done on diabetes. The week has in store many different community happenings, competitive challenges, races and walks that will eventually help more people be informed about diabetes not just a chronic condition but also how it is to exist with the said condition in order for people to #SeeDiabetesDifferently.

Coincidentally, on June 16th , the second Sunday of the month, a special family member is honored during this day. Celebrated well within Diabetes Week is Father’s Day.

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Diabetes Facts

Diabetes is a chronic disease wherein the body is prevented from processing blood sugar or blood glucose thus increasing the amount to dangerously high levels. What needs to be done is to continually and careful manage the condition so that blood sugar will not accumulate. If not controlled, it can lead to risky complications like kidney failure, stroke, and heart disease. Worse, it may cause blindness and lower limb amputation. Diabetes can be controlled, but its complications can adversely affect the quality of daily life, and sometimes if left unchecked it could even be fatal.

Fifty percent of people who presently have diabetes are not medically identified as having the disease. As such, these people are in danger of acquiring other serious health concerns like heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure. Moreover, they are susceptible to blindness and leg amputation which can drastically change life conditions. Seventy-five percent of diabetics are found to live in countries that are either under-developed or developing, where means to avail of diagnostic facility services and treatment options are limited.

Incidentally, almost the same number of persons with diabetes and their family members have the opportunity to be involved in programmes that help them know how to prevent diabetes and manage the disease. What is most upsetting is the fact that at 80% of the time, type 2 diabetes can be prevented by simply changing lifestyle habits.

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Combat Diabetes with Healthy Diet Choices

Most food items on grocery shelves today are considered unhealthy. Thus, it is advised that those who are at risk for diabetes or those who have already developed diabetes through lifelong poor diet choices should begin making better healthier options today. Food is also considered to be not only a source of our bodies’ energy but also one of the primary ways in which our bodies repair themselves naturally. In several instances, the shift to following a healthier diet resulted to improving conditions for people with diabetes or reversing diabetes itself.

Diabetes and Sleep

A study reveals that poor sleeping habits can cause the blood sugar and diabetic insulin levels to rise. Sleep and the management of blood sugar considerably affect each other, to which end brings about a very poor quality of sleep. The less sleep you have the higher your blood sugar levels will be, aggravating  the health issue. High blood sugar levels also causes discomfort as it makes the body warmer and thus, lead to irritation and unrest.

Generally, diabetics are recognized to have the worst sleeping patterns as compared to non-diabetics. More often than not, lack of sleep is always pinpointed as the main cause of developing diabetes.

One other leading way to help your body heal itself and to make it resistant against health threats like diabetes is to have healthy sleep. In order to promote healing, the body has to have not only the right amounts of sleep but also truly restful ones which can put the body into the right sleep phases for the appropriate periods. Some aspects that promote healthy sleep can be fixing a routine that harmonizes your circadian rhythm, establishing an atmosphere that puts you to sleep, having supportive bedding and comfortable pillows.

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Combat Diabetes with Healthy Bamboo Sleep Choices

Having a good night’s rest is not only good to promote a cheerful mood or avoid forming eye bags. Quality sleep can actually be wonderful for general physical health, and more importantly, it is good for the heart and mind.

So, in order to get quality rest, it is suggested that you let your body get used to a fixed and specific time to go to bed.  Avoid stimulants that you may get from food, like caffeine, or from the environment, like watching TV. Set the sleeping ambiance of your room with soft lights and peaceful surroundings. Your bed should be spacious with comfortable pillows that provide much needed head and neck support and beddings that keep you cool. This will allow you to wake up fresh and energized.

Honor your Father

The best way to honor your father on Father’s Day, celebrating and acknowledging the head of the family, is to provide him the best gift – a good night’s rest. Surprise him with a bamboo pillow and beddings that will further help him achieve that deep slumber he has been dreaming of. He will always be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time he hits the sack and also when he wakes up feeling revitalized and recharged. Moreover, you gift also prevents him from acquiring dangerous diseases.

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Get Involved

To fight diabetes, support the International Diabetes Federation by encouraging healthier lifestyle choices when you give out information or ideas about better diet and sleep. The best way to prevent diabetes and the best way to manage its effects and improve the health of those with an existing prediabetic or diabetic condition is by correct nutrition coupled with proper sleep.

Join the movement on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #WDD2018 while posting your selfies with the WDD blue circle to show your support. You can also use the resources they have provided to help circulate information and teach people how to get healthier today. To get more information about the drive to prevent diabetes and its management that you can share with friends and family, download the campaign toolkit now.