December Marriages and Gifting Eco-Friendly Bamboo Home Products

Bamboo Home Products

Weddings are not usually held during the month of December. The reason for this may be that it is not the best time for an outdoor ceremony, especially in the western hemisphere. However, because it is rooted in history, the tradition of holding marriages during this month still prevails.

A Right Time to Marry?

bamboo home products celebrate marriageThe apostle who introduced Simon Peter to Jesus is St. Andrew. He is also the patron saint of Greece, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Ukraine and other lands. Every year, people celebrate and remember his life and martyrdom from the 30th of November to the 3rd of December with a feast that is commemorated in Europe and all the way through Asia as well. Just like any other feast day, there are superstitions and traditions that are observed. One such belief pertains to marriage.

It is believed in several European countries that the eve of St. Andrew’s Day possesses a special enchantment. The belief is that during this time, the future husband of a young woman can be specified, or a future promise of marriage can be ensured. By performing different rituals, a woman would be able to see who she will marry, and it is assumed that the marital ceremony will happen the following year.

At present, less and less people observe these rituals or believe that they do not matter anymore. Nevertheless, the notion of engagement and marriage is intimately related with this commemoration near the end of the autumn season. If a wedding actually happens during this season, you can enjoy the connection.

Bamboo Home Products Are Excellent Wedding Gifts

The best way to celebrate a new marriage is with a fresh set of bamboo home products. This is because the qualities of bamboo symbolize those of a good marriage. Besides, bamboo home products also offer so many real benefits.

Stability – bamboo is one of the most durable yet most pliable plant. It is steady yet bends without breaking when strong winds come.

Cooperation – the bamboo plant flourishes almost anywhere due to its interlocking root base that gives a shared, common foundation. The intertwined roots hold other bamboo to each other, thus forming a community which then establishes a stable base for future sprouts.

Resilience – bamboo kun is an antimicrobial and antifungal agent produced by the bamboo plant itself. This feature makes sure that the bamboo plant no longer needs protection from other sources to fight potentially harmful elements that might affect healthy growth and reproduction.

Sustainability – the bamboo plant also provides its own fertilizer because its fallen leaves contain all the nutrients needed to guarantee the growth of healthy new plants. Moreover, it does not need much water and even releases more oxygen into the air, thus making it a 100% eco-friendly plant.

Read on in order to know more about the amazing advantages that bamboo home products can provide for you and your family!

Bamboo Home Products december marriage

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