Don’t Miss Out on the Black Friday Deals at the Bamboo Pillow

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It’s almost here: all the best Black Friday deals! The Bamboo Factory does not want you to pass up on the opportunity to enjoy our awesome 20% discount during the biggest sale of the year. It will be available for just one week, from November 19th to November 26th – and it’s already live, so grab your items now before it’s too late!

Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping holiday of all time, and every store will be offering their own great Black Friday deals. Although it should be the most ideal time to finish your Christmas shopping, you have to contend with the horde of shoppers and sales, so it can get really chaotic!

To avoid the hectic holiday shopping AND get an amazing discount, get online and shop at our store. Black Friday deals are also opportunities for you to replenish items you are going to need for the whole year, so why not take advantage of a solid 20% off on all your Bamboo Pillow purchases with the coupon code BLACK20? Wise shoppers avoid the rush to get all their gifts and personal items squared away beforehand AND purchase all that they need on sale.

Shopping Convenience

The Bamboo Pillow prevents you from being caught in the shopping melee. Shop online and enjoy peace and quiet and still avail of the best Black Friday deals. Shoppers stay alert for months for Black Friday deals, thus goods can run out quickly. You can gather your items in your cart and securely check them out before somebody pounces on you and seizes them. Enjoy the convenience of shopping this way while sipping your tea and having all your items bought and ready for transport without the fuss and hassle. Look over and choose the ideal presents now and have them sent out before the frenzy even begins.

Free Shipping

Remember that The Bamboo Pillow offers free shipping for orders delivered within the UK! It doesn’t matter how small a purchase you make. Shipment is made within three to five days in the UK, and Expedited or Next Day Delivery Service is faster. For most locations within Europe, delivery is within a week. Also, we offer a Two Day Guarantee Delivery service in Europe. We guarantee same-day shipment even for international deliveries.

Go Natural this Season

Treat your loved ones to something special this holiday season by buying them a wholesome and pleasant all natural gift. The Bamboo Pillow provides only the best quality durable organic bamboo pillows. Our pillows are sourced globally and manufactured from 100% natural bamboo materials.

Order now and finish up your Christmas shopping early without experiencing the holiday hassles. All you have to do is type in the coupon code BLACK20 at checkout to apply the discount.

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