Why Gel Pillows Are Amazing

Why Gel Pillows Are Amazing

Memory foam is the best material that you can have for a pillow, and it is only made better by the addition of a gel layer. Memory foam has superior ergonomic qualities that make it the most supportive and comfortable cushion for your head and shoulders. The gel layer provides a cooling effect that keeps your head at an optimum temperature during sleep for better quality rest.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the most comfortable material that has ever been made available for home use. Designed by NASA for use on long flights for both comfort and protection during crashes, it is perfectly made to absorb pressure for optimum ease when sitting or lying down.

Memory foam takes into itself much of the pressure that the head normally endures because of its own weight. It lessens the impact that can make your temples, ears, and even your neck, painful after lying down for a while. Because it absorbs the pressure by distributing weight evenly, it forms a perfect cradle that makes you feel like you are floating weightlessly.

cool gel pillow memory foam supportMemory foam also remains firm under pressure, so your comfort is long-lasting and your pillow slips back to its original shape when you get up. There is absolutely no fluffing necessary, and you will have a perfectly cozy place to rest your head when night comes around again.

The best memory foam pillows are designed in an ergonomic shape that adds to their comfort. The portion of the pillow that rests up against the neck and shoulders is thicker and rounded to provide just the right support for these curvy body parts. Providing the perfect level of cushioning there, memory foam pillows ease the strain placed on the neck and shoulders. Lying down is an odd position for these body parts. The neck does not usually stay still, and the shoulders are not made to curl up and endure pressure for long periods. The memory foam pillow’s engineered shape keeps them in the right position.

Gel Pillow

Memory foam is really a most wonderful invention. One thing about it, however, is that it can get quite warm. During the summer months, the memory foam can absorb and retain some heat from the body. This can make sleeping difficult in rooms that are not perfectly climate controlled. The gel layer is an ingenious addition to the pillow that helps regulate your temperature by absorbing the ambient temperature and helping your body release excess heat.

gel pillow cooling featureThe way that this is done is that the ergonomic memory foam is infused with a gel solution. The gel pattern facilitates air flow while the gel itself is cool to the touch. This contoured design encourages better sleep by providing the comfort of soft memory foam and cooling gel to keep your head at a temperature that is more conducive to restful sleep.

The gel pillow is, then, the absolute most comfortable pillow out there today.

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