Get Involved in Back Care Awareness Week and World Spine Day

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For people aged 60 and above, back pain is one of the most severe disabling health conditions. The cause is connected to physical age along with the psychosocial changes that happen with this physical change. But many people do not clearly know about the cause of back pain and the effects of back care and pain management.

Around one billion people of different age groups all over the world experience back pain. From children to the elderly, it is the main cause of disability in the world. One in four adults suffer from back pain at some point during their lives.

Back Care Awareness Week

With reference to this, BackCare would like to spread the word on back pain through information dissemination – providing the latest updates and designing new booklets and posters during its week-long event called BackCare Awareness week, culminating on the 12th of October 2018.

NCBI says present scientific records show that the rates of severe and chronic low back pain intensify with age. As opposed to working-age adults, older people are more susceptible to having lower back pain like tumors, osteoporotic vertebral fractures, lumbar spinal stenosis, and spinal infections.

World Spine Day

After being a big hit last year, World Spine Day has taken #LoveYourSpine as this year’s central idea for the global spinal health campaign. World Spine Day has become the focus of attention in the awareness campaign for back care and pain management as well as other spinal problems. With the cooperation of exercise and rehabilitation experts, health professionals, public health advocates, and even schoolchildren and patients, #LoveYourSpine will be spread throughout the world.

#LoveYourSpine will stress the relevance of spinal health to wellbeing. The push for good posture, healthy working conditions, responsible lifting and proper physical activity will be tackled as people are reminded to practice back care for spinal health. Prevention measures are key in this year’s celebration of World Spine Day, as people will be enjoined to start treating their spines better.

World Spine day was established by the World Federation of Chiropractic for the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health. All over the world, it has more than 500 official organisational supporters. To get involved, go to the website, connect on Twitter (@world_spine_day), or visit them on Facebook. By simply signifying your support, you are already helping to promote the cause and share event updates worldwide.

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DIY Spine and Back Care

Most often, people in underdeveloped countries cannot enjoy proper resources for back care, spinal pain management and injury treatment. Their recourse is to depend on traditional healers. Even those who do go to hospital for treatment are just prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, which only targets symptoms.

Devoted spinal health professionals are hard to come by, thus education and self-help are essential. In the same way, even in high income countries, millions are affected with back pain, and this has a huge effect to industry and economy.

Start Taking Care of your Back and Spine

Finding the best possible sleeping position is key to reducing body strain, and ultimately pain and its long term effects. Most symptoms can be minimised with just a good night’s rest. We usually regard physical movements such as standing, holding our heads up, and moving around as normal, but to persons with back and spine problems, these actions can be quite stressful. A poor sleeping position can worsen the pain and strain they already feel.

Sleeping in a poor position can increase the stress placed on the body all through the night, which results in the body not being able to rest well. The present stress does not allow the body to relax and instead makes it continue to work, creating a progressive weakness in the body every single day. This brings about pain which is an indication that the body is fatigued from all the exertion and that it needs immediate rest.

The ultimate purpose for the design of the 3D Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is to stimulate better rest for the body. Because it yields to the shape of the body, it allows a better support for the head, neck, and shoulders.

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Your Head Plays a Part in Back Care

One body that is particularly heavy is the head, and so it needs a surface that can properly support its weight. The weight of the head exerts a great amount of pressure on the surface it rests on, and as the surface pushes back the pressure, it causes pain. The composition of the memory foam pillow provides the much-needed support for the head, but does not push back and therefore causes no pain.

Your Neck also Plays into Back Care

The body part that carries the weight of the head all day is the neck. The head is different from the legs, arms, and torso in that these body parts can rest on other surfaces, unlike the head that can only be supported by the neck. Although known to be strong, the neck needs to rest also. Neck pain is not usually felt as a result of the neck being tired; however, the strain is passed on to the shoulders and they become stiff.

The pillow is made to fit to the contours of the head, neck, and shoulders, making it the best cushion when you sleep. The material equally supports the head and neck, together with the shoulders, which allows the body to relax and rest in the comfortable position in order to gain strength for the next day. In addition, while the neck is resting properly, the spine is being realigned to its proper position. The bones in the spine are moved in many different ways as the body engages in daily activities, so if they are not put back into place, the strain of even the most ordinary movements can cause pain.

The Proper Temperature for Quality Sleep

The Cooling Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress Topper can provide the same resting results on the body, together with a cooling effect that boosts sounder sleep. According to research, lower temperatures during sleep improve the quality of sleep. What helps bring the body to a temperature level that allows undisturbed sleep is the layer of cooling gel found within the mattress. As a whole, the memory foam and the cooling gel layer both greatly improve sleep, promoting a real good night’s rest that in turn relieves pain. In the end, the body gets well rested when it has achieved quality sleep without pain, or at least reduced pain.