Hot Nights and Neck Pains? Try the Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

hot painful sleep

Many more people than you may have thought are plagued with restless sleep. Two of the most commonly reported issues that prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep are feeling overheated and suffering pain in the neck. If you have experienced these problems, you know that having your sleep cut in such uncomfortable ways is no walk in the park. We are here to present a solution that will help most people reduce or even eliminate these experiences to get better rest.

Managing Temperatures During Sleep

Waking up during the night because you are so hot that your clothes are wet with sweat is a leading cause of poor sleep. Even for those who do not necessarily suffer from night sweats, getting too hot at night can be a major hindrance to restful sleep.

Keep your room at a cooler temperature at night.

cool room sweet sleepIn winter, we tend to crank up the heat inside the home. It has gotten quite chilly this winter, especially in the UK with the big freeze pulling temperatures down to -6.5°C! When it is cold and gloomy outside, we want to feel warm and cozy inside to lift our spirits. This can work wonders during the day, but an overly warm room is not conducive to quality sleep, as recent studies have shown.

Warm sleepwear and beddings is a better choice for you than turning up the thermostat, even if you tend to feel hot at night. A cooler ambient temperature helps regulate your body’s temperature. During your waking hours, you can easily adjust to the air temperature, but in the middle of the night, you do not want to be throwing off and pulling on blankets to get the right balance.

Use sleepwear and beddings with cooling and moisture-wicking properties.

If you tend to get hot after falling asleep but can’t sleep unless you get warm and cozy in bed, consider switching to pajamas and bed sheets that are made from natural fibres such as bamboo or high-grade cotton. These materials have excellent wicking properties that keep moisture away from your skin so that you remain dry and comfortable even when you begin to sweat. Bamboo is also known to have temperature-regulating properties that can help pull the heat away from your body to equalize with the ambient temperature. Avoid synthetics as much as possible, as these materials will store heat and make you feel hotter.

Invest in cooling sleep pillows.

cooling Gel pillow Do you spend a lot of time flipping your pillow before you can actually get to sleep? Does it always seem so much hotter where your head rests? Is it so annoying that it prevents you from falling asleep? The place where your head rests will always become warm as the temperature of that area regulates to the average temperature of your head, which is normally up to 38°C – hotter than any UK summer’s day in recorded history! In addition, when trying to fall asleep, we tend to move our heads less than we move other parts of our bodies. This makes it difficult for the heat that transfers to your pillow to escape. If your pillow is not made of the right kind of material, it will not be able to pull this excess heat away from your head and may instead keep it there, making you feel even hotter.

Our Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is made using Cooling Gel Technology in a special design that keeps your head and neck cool during sleep. The outer layer of gel that covers the top portion of this memory foam pillow absorbs ambient temperature and equalizes excess body heat. This keeps your head cool throughout the night, reducing the disagreeable sensation of a hot and sweaty head.

Proper Neck Support to Eliminate Pain

neck supportOne cannot expect to wake up feeling rested when sleep is broken, much less when the cause is pain. Pain should never be ignored, as it is a signal that there is something wrong. The good news is that most neck pain that is experienced or that intensifies during sleep can be quickly and easily remedied by giving this hard-working body part proper rest.

Get the right neck pillows.

The neck is tasked with supporting the head, the heaviest part of the body based on the area that it occupies. Working throughout your waking hours, even when the rest of your body is taking a break, there is hardly any reprieve for the poor neck. When this stress is not released, and at times aggravated by the anxiety that our daily activities can cause, the neck can get very tired indeed. It needs whatever rest you can give it during sleep. Unsurprisingly, therefore, most neck pain that is felt during sleep is because the neck cannot rest. The main cause of this unrest is bad pillows, to put it simply.

When your head is not able to rest at the right angle and your neck does not get the right support to allow it to relax, your neck has to work overtime. The neck supports the head, and while it is supposed to be getting rest at the same time as the rest of your body, a bad pillow will make it continue to hold up your head in an awkward position all night long. When your neck can get no rest, you will naturally experience pain.

To give your neck the rest that it needs to allow the muscles to regain strength and the bones to realign, you need Cool Gel pillow neck support memory foama sleep pillow that is designed for proper neck support. Memory foam makes the best neck pillows because it is firm yet soft. In a quality pillow, the memory foam density is high to provide the softest resting place with the best support. Our Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow is made of only the finest memory foam. In Moreover, it is cut in an innovative contour shape that conforms to the shape of your shoulders, neck and head. This provides even and reliable support to the entire surface that rest against it.

When you use our uniquely fashioned memory foam sleep pillow, the benefits spread down as your relaxed neck and shoulder muscles and bones allow for the proper realignment of your entire spine. This can greatly improve your posture and reduce back pain caused by unreleased tension. As the body experiences better alignment, circulation also improves, and problems with snoring, Temporomandibular joint syndrome, and migraines are also relieved. Using our memory foam pillow also benefits those who suffer from asthma, allergies, and sensitive skin. Our pillow is hypoallergenic and reduces reactions to pet dander and dust mites, and relieves the symptoms of Hay Fever.