How to Break in Your Bamboo Pillow

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Don’t be disappointed when you receive the bamboo pillow you ordered looking flat as a pancake after you tear away the packaging. That is how they are shipped – tightly rolled, compressed or even vacuum sealed to save on space and shipping cost.

With the pillow looking as uncomfortable as a slab of wood, you cannot use them as is. There are some steps you have to take to break in your bamboo pillow and make it comfortable enough to lay your head on and enjoy that beneficial good night’s rest.

What is the bamboo pillow?

Our bamboo pillow has pillow covers made from bamboo which has been broken down into fibres and spun into a yarn used to make a bamboo-based fabric. This type of fabric is the softest in the world and extremely comfortable. What’s more, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Inside of these pillows, you can find shredded memory foam that makes your pillow soft and supple. This also makes it easier for you to form or adjust your pillow to fit variable sleeping positions.

breaking in your bamboo pillow

How to break in your bamboo pillow

After unwrapping your pillow from the packaging, you may notice a slight smell coming from the foam. Do not worry so much about this as it is normal for brand new foam to off-gas. It will eventually dissipate. What you need to do at this point is let the pillow air out for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area away from people and pets so you are not bothered by the chemical release.

Once the smell has subsided, grab the pillow and shake it to loosen the shredded memory foam inside. You may also need to do some kneading with your hand especially when there are big clumps of foam that have formed. Practice your boxing punches on the pillow just to make sure you have covered all the chunks. If more off-gassing occurs, air the pillow out once more before using it.

The next step to properly break in your bamboo pillow is top run it in the dryer. Before you do that, you need to remove the bamboo pillow casing so that it won’t get damaged by the dryer. (Always wash and dry the pillow and the casing separately.)

Throw 4-5 dryer balls in to help break in your bamboo pillow. Tennis balls or clean socks rolled into tight balls will also work if you don’t have dryer balls. Run the pillow in the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes. Remember not to use too much heat as this can damage your pillow. When the cycle is complete, fluff it up some more to loosen any stubborn filling and let more air in.

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Regular use

Every so often you need to fluff your pillow because they can become flat after lying on them night after night. Do the fluffing when you make your bed in the morning for convenience and so the pillow can get refreshed with air.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of the bamboo pillow, make sure that you lie high on the pillow enough for it to support your neck. You might strain your neck unnecessarily when you don’t use your pillow correctly.

The fluffiness of some pillows can be adjusted to your level of comfort by removing some of the filling and maybe putting them back later when the need arises.

How to wash bamboo pillows

It is important that you are aware of and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the care of your bamboo pillow in order for it to last.

The debate over whether to wash or not to wash shredded memory foam pillows goes on and on, but eventually you have to face the dilemma of cleaning them as dust, sweat, and dead skin gather on your pillow over time. Good health and hygiene will surely overrule all contradictions and end the debate over washing the pillow.

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You should only wash your pillows every few months or, ideally, twice a year. If you do it properly, you should avoid damaging it and get the best results.

First, you need mild detergent, a deep sink, bathtub or basin, and a pillow drying rack for the pillow to maintain its shape while it dries out.

Second, remove the pillow from its casing and machine wash the casing using the mild detergent on the gentle wash cycle with warm water. Using water that is too cold or too hot will definitely ruin your bamboo pillow case.

Next, hand wash the pillow in the basin or sink with lukewarm water diluted with a little mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Gently wash the pillow by hand rubbing in the detergent and making sure that it is distributed over the surface. The pillow should be covered with water, but not soaked because this will make it hard to dry.

Rinse the pillow as many times as is needed to make sure that there is no soap left.

Lastly, let the pillows air dry, preferably under the sun lying comfortably on a drying rack. Make sure your pillows are entirely dry before you cover them and use them again. Memory foam is mould-resistant, but fungus and bacteria can thrive in damp environments like a semi-dry pillow. This would be very bad for your health.

bamboo pillow drying

To avoid having to wash your bamboo pillow too often, keep the casing clean my washing it more frequently. You can also add another pillow case or two under the bamboo pillow case to further protect the pillow. Don’t worry about washing the case too much because repeated washing actually makes the bamboo fabric softer.


If you think that having to go through all this just to maintain a bamboo pillow is worth all the good health benefits of having to enjoy the sleep of your life every night, then you are good to go.

Just make sure you know how to properly follow the care instructions of your particular bamboo pillow so that your pillow will give you many a good night’s rest.