Look Out for the Black Friday Bamboo Pillow Deal

bamboo pillow deal

Black Friday, the most outrageous shopping day of all, is almost here! Not only is it considered to be the greatest shopping day for the Christmas holidays, but really for the whole year. Everybody who has a gift list will be rubbing elbows with each other as they rush from one shop to another and cross out each item on their list. What is great about shopping online is that you get to do away with the pandemonium since you do not need to leave the comfort and warmth of your home.

For this year’s Black Friday sales, shop with convenience using only your computer and avail of the Bamboo Pillow deal at the same time.

The Bamboo Pillow understands the seriousness of being able to have your gifts ready long before the holiday shopping rush because time does fly so fast. Of course, we also expect that you have many people included on your holiday gift list. It is for this reason that we are providing you with a limited Bamboo Pillow offer that gives you 20% off your purchases—and that means 20% off all the items we have in stock. All you have to do is use the coupon code “BLACK20” starting November 19th in order to avail of the Bamboo Pillow deal. The coupon is valid for one week until November 26th – Cyber Monday – to give you time for any additional purchases.

Gift Comfort and Health this Season

Make your loved ones feel special by giving them gifts that take care of their health and comfort. You get huge savings and only the best quality items when you avail of the Bamboo Pillow deal of 20% off the regular price of Bamboo Pillow products.

We guarantee that our organic Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillows, Bamboo Pillow Cases,  Bamboo Charcoal Sleep Masks, and other bamboo products are procured globally and made from 100% natural bamboo materials. Present your loved ones with the best gift – health and comfort from enduring bamboo products that are characteristically smooth and gentle on sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic and highly permeable bamboo material encourages better bed rest as well by wicking away moisture and maintaining ideal body temperature.

black friday deal

Free Shipping, Too!

To ante up the Bamboo Pillow deal, you can still avail of the free shipping offer for orders to be delivered within the UK. Plus, there is no minimum order required. Finish your shopping beforehand and expect your order to be delivered within three to five days. This will give you more time to wrap your gifts properly for your loved ones. What’s more, you can also avail of our Next Day Delivery Service and have your Bamboo Pillow item shipped out faster within the UK.

To most locations in Europe, regular shipping is available for deliveries within 7 days, and with our Two-Day Guarantee Delivery, quicker shipping is possible for those countries. In order to ship outside Europe, you can arrange for worldwide shipping by contacting us for the schedules in different destinations.

We guarantee a same-day shipping wherever you need your Bamboo Pillow deal purchase sent to.

Start Shopping Now!

It is two short weeks until Black Friday, and the shrewdest shoppers are gearing up to grab all the wish list entries that they have been saving for months. These people will be putting on elbow pads, belt bags, and walking shoes, but you will just be relaxing at home with a cup of tea in one hand and your favorite gadget in the other. Imagining the pandemonium of this crazy shopping day, you will be pleased that you can tick off items from your list peacefully in the comfort of your home with just your pyjamas on.

The black Friday trend is only four years old in the UK, but several online stores have embraced the US tradition of extending deals that are similar with the Bamboo Pillow deal. The Black Friday craze is gaining popularity, so be ready for a more insane sale day this year than last. Discounts are going to be outrageous, but they last only for as long as current supplies do. Best if you do your shopping beforehand to avoid the rush, and you’ll also get the choice items before they run out of stock.

Come and visit our shop and view all the products on hand with the 20% off Bamboo Pillow deal!