Looking Forward to National Stop Snoring Week 2019

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The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) has celebrated National Stop Snoring Week since 2003. This event was initiated so that more people would become aware of snoring and its negative effects. The association holds the belief that no one needs to endure the consequences of snoring.

Do You Snore? Your Partner? Does it Make Sleep Difficult?

You need to know the risks and what you can do to solve the problem of snoring.

National Stop Snoring Week has covered a range of topics over the years, including the dangers of daytime sleepiness and snoring in general, sleep apnoea risks, allergies, and snoring stigmas and remedies old and new.

The BSSAA has also competed its survey on how phone apps can assist all of us in achieving better sleep.

Does Snoring Threaten Health?

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What makes snoring so annoying is actually the wheezing and guttural sounds that are heard. But snoring is not just something we must endure, it is something more. The sound upsets both the sleep of the snorer and anyone within earshot. Here are a few facts:

  • Snoring sounds can go beyond 100 decibels.
  • Sleep can be interrupted by a sound at the 40-decibel level.
  • The minimum level at which snoring was measured was at the 50-decibel level.

Extended or continued subjection to noise has been connected to mental health problems, cognitive issues and negative social behavior. These problems are even more terrible when the noise is irksome – and snoring qualifies as being so.

Consequently, this implies that all snoring is noisy enough to disturb sleep. Sleep disruption is the first threat and this can deprive you of good rest, at the very least.

stop snoring dangerSleep disturbances can further lead to a variety of other problems. Those who regularly do not get adequate sleep or experience lousy sleep are usually restless, lack self-control, suffer impaired response times and do not function as well as they should. These problems can also lead to more problems. However, they can be worked out by achieving proper rest.

Even worse, a lot of severe health issues, some of which are life-threatening, can be traced back to not having a good night’s rest. A lack of proper sleep can have an adverse effect on the body systems. For example, it can cause inconsistencies in the release of hormones, glucose regulation and cardiovascular function. All in all, these bring about poor general health.

How Do I Stop Snoring?

Knowing what causes snoring is the primary step to stopping it. There are people who snore because the loose skin in their throats vibrate. There are those whose snores are caused by a blockage in the air passages when their tongues relax and drop to the backs of their throats. Then there are those who snore because of their sleeping posture. When the head and neck are positioned badly during sleep, it can result in a blocked airway, which causes air to be forced out, thereby producing that annoying sound.

Once you have determined the root cause of your snoring, you can do something to solve it.

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There are available instruments that can be fitted for those who are mouth or throat snorers – those whose snoring is caused by the position of their tongues or jaws. For those who snore because of poor sleeping posture, we at the Bamboo Pillow can help. We offer an outstanding bamboo pillow that can help you achieve the perfect head and neck position for better sleep.

To help you maintain a favorable position while you sleep, the bamboo pillow, which is made of shredded memory foam, can be molded to fit your head, neck and shoulders. As it can be shaped to follow your specific curves, you are able to get that convenient position that permits your head to rest comfortably but does not cause the neck to fall into an uncomfortable position or the shoulders to be in a posture that causes unnecessary pressure to the airway. Your airway is therefore kept open all night long, preventing you from snoring and giving you and your partner the peaceful sleep you dream of.

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