National Girlfriends Day 2018

National Girlfriends Day

Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day!

National Girlfriends Day isn’t an official holiday, so offices will remain open and work will go on as usual. National Girlfriends Day was simply instituted as a special reminder for us all to honour the wonderful women in our lives that make everything better just by being there. More and more people are celebrating this commemoration day as the years go by. No one knows who started it all, and some say that it was just another greeting card company invention so they could sell more cards. It is becoming a very popular day, however, regardless of how it started. People are taking it more seriously as a day when they can dedicate time and attention to their best friends and beloved partners, showing these women how special they really are.

Do you have special plans to celebrate your special girls this National Girlfriends Day?

It doesn’t matter if they are your romantic partners or your best female friends. You can use National Girlfriends Day as a great excuse to make them feel as special as they are.

Men who choose to spend this day with their romantic partners usually celebrate with similar activities and gestures as they do for Valentine’s Day. If this is how you want to celebrate your special lady, you can take her out to a lovely dinner to tell her you think she deserves the best. Or, you could buy her some jewelry to signify her value. Surprise her with bundles of flowers and chocolates that show her how beautiful and sweet she is. Or, buy her bamboo products to let her know that you always want her to be as comfortable as possible. 

Women have also wonderfully celebrated National Girlfriends Day by making it a point to spend the day together, just the girls, with no distractions. Girlfriends have often turned this day into a spa or shopping day, or just doing something that they have always enjoyed doing together.

Do neither of you have enough time for a lot of preparation or even the celebration itself? No worries – just a simple card or even phone call can mean the world to someone special, as long as the heartfelt words are sincerely communicated. Really, any kind of gift can be really special, just make it one that has significant meaning for your relationship.

National Girlfriends Day special celebration

Interesting Origins…

The word “girlfriend” did not always refer to a romantic partner. Since the late 1860s, is referred to a female childhood friend, or girl(hood) friend. It was in the 1920s that the word began to be used in reference to a female romantic partner.

No matter who “girlfriend” refers to for you, take National Girlfriends Day and make it a great celebration of friendship and love. These are the most special connections that we have in life, so don’t let the day pass without showing your special girls how much they mean to you!