National Stop Snoring Week is Coming Up!

Stop snoring and sleep better.

Celebrate National Stop Snoring Week and help stop snoring!

This even is an annual effort of the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association. It is held to promote general awareness about snoring and its negative effects. The association believes that nobody should suffer because of snoring

Do you or your partner snore? Does it disrupt your sleep?

Snoring is a condition that can be treated!

For the 2018 celebration of National Stop Snoring Week, the focus is on using today’s technology to help you or your partner stop snoring. Many people use smartphones these days, and there is a wide range of phone apps available that have been developed to monitor sleep and snoring. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association is doing a UK-wide survey right now to see how we can use these phone apps to help us all sleep better. An app is only a starting point, but it can play a good part in achieving a peaceful night’s sleep.

If you want to help by sharing important information that can help you and countless others to sleep more peacefully, take their survey here.

Can Snoring Hurt Me?

Stop snoring and get quality sleep.Snoring is what we call the wheezing and guttural sounds that are produced when we sleep. It’s annoying, but more than just an irritation that some of us must live with, snoring can affect your health. The sound of snoring often interrupts sleep, both for the one snoring and for the one who hears it. Sleep can be affected by noise at the 40 decibel level. Snoring has been recorded to be at least at the 50 decibel level and as loud as over 100 decibels. This means that all snoring sounds are loud enough to disrupt sleep.This first threat is sleep disturbance, and it can cause many health problems, starting with insufficient sleep.

Sleep disruptions can result in a continual condition of sleep deprivation. This can result in many other problems. People who don’t sleep enough sleep or sleep poorly for long periods can become restless, suffer impaired response times, lose self-control, and generally perform less well than they should under normal circumstances. These problems only result in more problems, and they can only be solved by getting good sleep.

There are many more worse effects of poor sleep than the above. A lack of proper sleep can be the basic cause of several serious health issues. Some of these health effects are life-threatening. Sleep deprivation can negatively affect body systems. For example, poor sleep can result in imbalances in glucose regulation – which can lead to diabetes, hormonal release – which can lead to chronic endocrinal issues, and cardiovascular function – which can lead to heart ailments. All of these result to poor overall health, and can lead to an early demise.

Snoring in itself as a noise can also cause problems. Someone who is exposed to this kind of noise for a long time can develop cognitive issues, mental health problems, and negative social behaviour. These problems are even worse when the noise is an annoying one. Snoring most definitely qualifies.

What Can I Do to Stop Snoring?

The first step to stop snoring is to find out what is causing it. Some people snore because their tongues relax when they fall asleep, and fall to the backs of their throats, blocking the passage of air. Other people snore because there is loose skin in their throat that causes vibrations, which come out as snoring. Still other people snore because of a poor sleeping position. When the head and neck are not in the proper position during sleep, this can cause the airways to become blocked. This causes their breath to be forced out, which results in that irritating sound.

Once you know the reason why you snore, you can start remedying it.

proper sleepIf you snore because of your tongue or jaw position, you can look into getting fitted for a device to help solve the problem. If you snore because your sleep in a poor position that causes your neck to be compressed, we can help! The Bamboo Pillow has an excellent bamboo pillow that you can use to help you sleep in a better position.

The bamboo pillow is made of shredded memory foam which can be molded to your head, neck and shoulders to help you keep a good position while you sleep. By shaping it to your particular curves, you can find a comfortable position that will allow your head to rest comfortably without causing the neck to bend at an awkward angle or your shoulders to fall in a position that puts added strain on your airway. This way, you can keep your airway open throughout the night, eliminating your snoring problem and allowing you and those around you to get better sleep.

We want you to get what you need to sleep better!

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