Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Topper Relieves Pain

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Having an orthopedic memory foam mattress topper can give great relief to people who suffer from pain during sleep. And there are more of these than one might think! In the past, when there were not very many options for mattress materials and sometimes not any options for a mattress at all, pain was just a part of lying down. One would simply get up and do some stretches to work out the kinks and think nothing more of it. Some physicians would actually comment that people felt pain because they were sleeping too much, a notion that we now know is ridiculous.

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Memory Foam Mattress Topper is Body ConformingToday, we have memory foam mattresses and orthopedic memory foam mattress toppers that can help relieve the pain associated with sleep. Everyone can get the full number of hours that they need for complete rest. Memory foam conform to the body, so there is no longer any need to endure the aches and stabbing pains that would otherwise interrupt sleep, defeating the purpose of filling those eight hours.

One could follow the advice of the old-time physicians, who would recommend that people slept for shorter periods, or just take naps instead of getting their full eight hours. Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Topper prevents sleep deprivationThis may have reduced the pain for the simple fact that these sleepers would get up, relieving the pressure on their bodies. But we know from sleep studies that it probably caused many more other problems, including cognitive and immune system impairment, memory loss, decreased muscle accuracy and pain, and long-term health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. A much better solution is to use an orthopedic memory foam mattress topper to provide the body with proper support to encourage restful sleep.

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Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cradles Pressure PointsMost mattresses today have better structures which provide better surfaces for the body to lay on. They provide even support over their entire surfaces, however, which means that the body does not get the support that it needs for its different parts.
This causes the body to feel pressure at certain points where their weight presses into the mattress. When these body parts are squeezed by their weight and a surface that does not give, it can cause pain. The body parts that will most often feel the most pain even on a relatively good mattress are the head, shoulders, chest, ribs, back and hips, since they are heavier and will tend to push deeper into the surface of the mattress. With an orthopedic memory foam mattress topper, each part of the body will get exactly the amount of support it needs to rest comfortably. This will take the pressure off, removing the source of pain, and promote quality rest.

Healing Sleep

More than the pain that wakes us up at night and makes us feel tired the following day, pressure on these points on the body can cause poor circulation. This leaves the extremities deprived of blood, which deprives these limbs of the essential nutrients that are carried by the blood. Sleep is the time during which our bodies can rest and repair from the stresses of the day’s activities. Without proper circulation, the limbs cannot heal up to prepare for the next day of work.

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For health and comfort during sleep, it is vital to get proper orthopedic support for the back, chest, ribs, hips, head and shoulders. To achieve this, one needs a sleeping surface that can provide different levels of firmness and softness, made of a material that can adjust to the curves and weights of the Orthopedic Cooling Mattress Topper with Seven Support Zonesdifferent body parts. The memory foam mattress topper is designed to distribute the weight of your body evenly so that each part is cradled comfortably instead of being met with a surface that pushes back. Memory foam gets softer as it warms up, so it cushions your body even more as you go deeper into your sleep time.

Many of us have tried different kinds of mattresses and even alternative sleeping surfaces only to find that relief is only temporary or simply incomplete. The orthopedic memory foam mattress topper is the perfect solution to convert any sleeping surface into a wonderful place of blissful rest. Uninterrupted by tingles and aches and pains, your body can relax and repair and your mind can let you rest from having to toss and turn to relive your body.