Preserve the Durability of Your Bamboo Pillow Case

Bamboo Pillow Case preserve durability

Congratulations on purchasing a bamboo pillow case! Whether it came with your fabulous bamboo pillow or you bought a spare pillow case, you are now the proud owner of a very high quality product that is going to help you sleep better.

The bamboo pillow case we offer is made to last, but you can keep it fresh and new for longer. Follow these tips to ensure that your bamboo pillow case stays strong through many washings.

Be Gentle

Always wash your bamboo pillow case with cold water. If there’s a stain on it, spot clean it rather than using hot water. The best method is applying baking soda on the stain and letting it sit for an hour before brushing it off and washing it as usual. If the stain persists, apply mild detergent on the stain and let that sit for a few hours then gently hand-scrub the area and wash as usual.

Never use bleach on your bamboo pillow case. Bleach is a very harsh chemical that can damage the soft bamboo fibres. If there’s a stain on it that you can’t get out with baking soda and mild detergent, there are many other solutions that you can try before resorting to such a harsh one as bleach.

Mild detergent is best for washing your bamboo pillow case. Normal laundry detergents are not too bad, but some of them contain chemicals that can slowly eat away at your bamboo pillow case, reducing its softness and durability. Washing the bamboo pillow case more often with mild detergent is preferable to using a harsher detergent.

Go Natural

Don’t use fabric conditioners on your bamboo pillow case. It is already very soft, and it will get softer the more you wash it without them. In addition, fabric conditioners leave a coating on fabrics that can change both their feel and their function. To preserve its natural softness, wicking properties and absorbency, simply rinse your bamboo pillow case with clean, cold water.

The best way to dry your bamboo pillow case is to hang it out under the sun. This preserves the quality of the fibres, plus, you gain additional benefits from the sun’s disinfecting powers. Just spin dry the bamboo pillow case before hanging and it should be ready for use in a few hours. If the sun isn’t out, air drying works, too, since bamboo fabrics dry quickly. If you need it to dry faster, you can tumble dry it, but make sure that it’s set on low so you don’t damage the fibres.

You can also use the sun to naturally freshen your bamboo pillow case and pillow. Set them under the sun for a few hours to let the fibres expand and disinfect, restoring their freshness.