Happy Hearts Day! Enjoy This Bamboo Pillow Valentine’s Day Promo!

Happy Valentine's Day Promo

What better way to show how much that special someone means to you than by gifting them with the most restful sleep they’ve ever experienced? With our highest quality bamboo pillows, your loved one can rest easy night after night, waking up refreshed and energised – and feeling oh, so loved! PLUS, for TODAY ONLY […]

Sleeping Cool is Healthy – Get Your Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow Today!

Cool Sleep is Healthy

The temperature of your room when you sleep is a simple matter of comfort for most. Scientific research suggests, however, that the ambient temperature is much more significant than this. How cool or warm your room is has a lot to do with your health. Science Says… Temperature changes in our bodies flow with our […]

Hot Nights and Neck Pains? Try the Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

hot painful sleep

Many more people than you may have thought are plagued with restless sleep. Two of the most commonly reported issues that prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep are feeling overheated and suffering pain in the neck. If you have experienced these problems, you know that having your sleep cut in such uncomfortable ways […]

Why Bamboo is Better than Cotton – Health and Comfort

bamboo health comfort

The health benefits that bamboo fibre offers are incomparable to those of any other fibre manufactured into textiles. Bamboo fibre has natural antibacterial, and outstanding wicking and insulating properties that are not found in even the most premium of cotton fabrics. Bamboo fibre is also naturally softer than cotton because of its innate structure. The […]