Amazon Payments Now Accepted

The Bamboo Pillow would like to announce that we are adding Amazon Payments to our payment options.

Along with our passion for all organic and eco-friendly products, we care about our customers. As an ecommerce site, we want our customers feel secure when buying from us. With Amazon Payments added to our payment scheme, we know that we would immediately gain the trust of our customers.

What is Amazon Payments?

Amazon Payments is a way for our customers to purchase goods from our website using their existing payment methods found in their Amazon account. Amazon Payments is a fast, easy and safe way to make purchases online and on mobile.

Why Use Amazon Payments?

We chose to add Amazon Payments for the main reason of it being easy to use and provide security to our customers. Our customers matter to us and we want to give them the assurance that they are safe with us. We want to offer our customers a payment scheme that is easy and reliable. With Amazon Payments, we have eliminated the step where customers are asked to create separate usernames and passwords on the website.

Amazon offers tons of protection for their users against fraud. Adding Amazon payments made us feel more secure about our customer’s purchases because we know that they are protected by Amazon’s technology against frauds.

We have been customers before and we know how it feels like to see your billed amount go up because of hidden charges. With Amazon Payments, we feel safe and secure that our customers are getting the exact cost since Amazon offers flat rates which makes costing predictable, plus no hidden charges.

To learn more about Amazon Payments and other payment options offered you can visit our Payment & Security section.