Cool Gel Memory Foam Support Pillow Gives Relief from Stress Pains

memory foam support pillow pain

Do you suffer from chronic pains in your neck? Are you suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome? Are your migraines affecting your quality of life? There is a revolutionary yet very simple solution that can significantly ease the discomfort and pain that you feel. The Cool Gel Memory Foam Support Pillow is specially designed to give you relief from various symptoms while you sleep. Does this sound questionable to you? Let us break it down into the straightforward science behind this impressive sleep aid.

Sleep Quality

How well you sleep in general has a great impact on your overall health. There have been many studies on this correlation. Most of them agree on a few common factors. The position of your head relative to your spine causes misalignment. This can disrupt blood flow and cause muscle and joint pain, as well as nerve problems. General discomfort during sleep disrupts the optimum sleep cycles. This results in poor quality of rest, and a reduced ability to heal and to deal with pain. Healing, growth and the maintenance of proper brain function happen during sleep. A sleep deficiency can therefore impact your mental state and quality of life. Having a memory foam support pillow that promotes better sleep will help improve your general health. This, in turn, reduces the negative symptoms that your body complains about.

Memory Foam

cool gel memory foam support pillowMemory foam is made from a NASA-engineered substance called viscoelastic. This material is soft and energy-absorbent. This means it adjusts to the body’s weight and heat. Because it responds by distributing weight evenly, a memory foam support pillow provides a solid and yet soft padding for the head during sleep. This helps keep the head comfortable and in an optimal position for proper spinal alignment. Memory foam also returns to its original shape when pressure is removed. It therefore retains its optimal shape to provide the same comfort and health benefits continually. By regulating body heat, a memory foam support pillow helps you feel more comfortable during sleep. The heat coming from your body also makes the memory foam soft. This way, the memory foam support pillow more easily conforms to your body’s natural curves and lines. This provides better support in the spots where it is most needed.

Innovative Contour Shape

The memory foam support pillow has a specially designed shape. Because of this contour, the memory foam support pillow cradles the head in a unique way as compared to other pillow materials. First of all, the contour shape gives the neck the support that it needs to rest. The neck is a relatively small body part and yet it carries a very heavy burden – your head – all day long. The head is quite heavy as body parts go, and the neck requires proper rest to continue supporting the head. If the neck is strained during sleep, the shoulder muscles will step in to compensate. This can result in chronic shoulder pain because the shoulders were not built for this.

memory foam support pillow sleepSecondly, the innovative contour shape of the Cool Gel Memory Foam Support Pillow also provides support to the shoulders. Your shoulders may not be working overtime to support your neck and head. Still, the shoulder muscles can be strained by various daily activities. Desk work and carrying heavy loads are two very common daily activities that tire out the shoulders. The contoured memory foam support pillow rests against the shoulders during sleep to support them. This allows your shoulders to completely relax. When relaxed, the muscles and bones in your shoulders have time to rest and realign so that they return to prime condition.

You will sleep like a baby with the Cool Gel Memory Foam Support Pillow. If you want to learn more about the memory foam support pillow and other products, please feel free to browse through our website.