2-Pack Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorising Air Purifier

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Natural Ingredients

The Bamboo Pillow 100% natural activated charcoal odour absorber packs are crafted in an ancient kiln at 700-800℃ with non-toxic and odour-free waterproof SMS inner fabric and non-fading linen outer fabric.

No Toxins or Chemicals

100% natural air filters made with chemical-free and environment-friendly activated bamboo charcoal with no added toxic substances, fragrance or other pollutants. Our charcoal odour eliminators are safe air fresheners, unlike other safe air fresheners. You and your pets can enjoy the bamboo charcoal benefits of odour removal and air purification without the side effects.

Removes Odor and Excess Moisture

One of the most effective activated bamboo charcoal uses is as a room freshener. Porous activated charcoal and select bamboo fabric packaging provide good air permeability for superior absorption of odours, harmful substances and excess moisture. Our activated bamboo charcoal air purifier prevents bacterial growth, mould and mildew. Highly adsorptive porous bamboo charcoal granules with a large surface area are a natural odour remover that purifies the air of foul smells. Our bamboo charcoal bags also have natural dehumidifier charcoal to help prevent odour-causing bacterial and fungal growth. Use the bamboo charcoal dehumidifier and natural air cleaner in your car, office space, kitchen, pet area, pantry, closet, storage boxes, utility rooms and more.

Extended Convenience

Our bamboo air freshener charcoal granule packs provide greater convenience compared to electrical air purifiers. To use a bamboo air purifier, you simply charge it in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours then place the bamboo charcoal filter where you need to control excess moisture or odours to keep the area fresh. They are effective inside shoes, gym bags, hockey/boxing gloves, cupboards, and other areas where odours and moisture accumulate. The natural materials extend the lifespan of the activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags to up to 2 years, so you can use them continually without spending more.

Size: 15cm x 17cm x 1cm

Weight: 200 grams


This activated charcoal bag is not a toy. To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep this activated bamboo charcoal air purifier bag away from babies and children. Do not use this deodoriser bag in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens

Additional Information

Additional information


10 reviews for 2-Pack Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Deodorising Air Purifier

  1. Juneyandmarty

    Early Days to say if these work

    Purchased 2 of these bags ,One for the living room and the other for the car.The real test will be when we come back from holiday and our home has not been lived in for a week.

  2. Karl Marcks

    It works!!

    We are using the product to remove mould spores from the atmosphere of our house, which has been suffering the effect of so much wet weather over the past 18 months. And it works — we are breathing easier and my wife’s sinus symptoms are in decline. Great stuff!!Beyond that, we are impressed with the design and quality of the product. The cloth bags are robust, the stitching is strong, so they aren’t likely to split or wear. They look nice, too, which is something to consider as users will leave them here and there in the house, visible to guests.

  3. Damian

    Few week in

    Shocking how good these are at absorbing bad smells. Using for organic fumes that comes out of soil composting barrel. Hanged them as close to exit holes where the stank air is coming out. 50% bad smell reduction. They are absorbing and keeping the smell. Was shocked that they actually work for the price. I reccomend

  4. Alessio P.

    Not much happy about it

    I was pretty happy for the purchase, but I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. I tried to leave them under the sun for hours thinking I had to “charge” it first, but it didn’t change anything. They are still there in the wardrobe, but I’m pretty sceptic on their purpose. Didn’t loose all my hope yet, but I don’t think I would ever suggest it to someone.. I don’t know how this critic may help you and I’m sorry for that, but I tried to be more honest possible

  5. Janny

    Doing their job

    I bought them for my husband’s car, I don’t like any odours in it, or when condensate is going .. I also don’t like to use any chemicals. And to my delight, these pads perfectly cope with everything! did not expect! Looks very well! Natural! Eco-friendly – what is very important for me!!!

  6. robbo

    They work!

    Pleased with these, they definitely make a difference. I used in my son’s room whilst he’s away at uni as it gets quite stuffy/musty with not being used.


  7. Yan

    Great for pets!

    A very good product that does its job very well! I recently received a guest at my house who couldn’t deal very well with strong scents due to allergies, so I ordered these to put around my cats litter boxes hoping they would work as well as the ambient sprays I used before, but they ended up working even better than those! Smells get really neutralised, which was better than the strong and overly sweet scent of the sprays designed specifically to use with pets. I also feel safer about keeping it around my cats, and they don’t get spooked with the spray timer going off on their faces. These will become a staple at my house now. Recommended!

  8. Lylas


    So I live in a studio and can only say these have REALLY SAVED MY CLOTHES !!!I’ve put one each in each of my wardrobe compartments and my clothes don’t smell of cooking AT ALL…HOWEVER, it is important to keep in kind that if purchasing for the UK , putting it for 2/3 hours in the sun to recharge monthly might not be a great option without it getting wet or just not getting enough direct sun. Just bear that in mind BUT IT IS AMAZING!

  9. isabella jerwood

    Really works

    I am pleased with my purchase of these charcoal bags …they really do work…unfortunately I bought two small bags which were not quite adequate, but..you know they are working I put one near near my cat litter tray and now no odours 😀 I could really use the bigger ones. which will be my next purchase.

  10. SA JOHN

    They work !

    They work a treat on removing nasty smells and help with my allergies. It is important to ‘reboot’ them every month by putting them in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

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