• Oct312018
    Sleep Apnea Risk Good Sleep Support

    Sleep Apnea Risks and Sleep Support

    If you belong to the group of people who cannot get a good night’s sleep nightly, then you should know…

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  • Oct192018
    sleep relief health

    Make Sleep Relief a Choice for World Osteoporosis Day

    There is one thing you can do starting tomorrow for yourself or someone you love who suffers from osteoporosis. To…

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  • Oct172018
    sleep comfort avoid SIDS

    Safe Bamboo Sleep Comfort Helps Prevent SIDS

    SIDS, also referred to as cot death, is defined by the NHS as the unexpected and unexplained death, usually during…

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  • Oct122018
    back care spine aware campaign health

    Get Involved in Back Care Awareness Week and World Spine Day

    For people aged 60 and above, back pain is one of the most severe disabling health conditions. The cause is…

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  • Oct102018
    beer sleep aid facts

    What you should know about Beer as a Sleep Aid

    It’s still Oktoberfest time in many countries, even if the official celebration is over – having run from September 21st…

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  • Oct052018
    Grandparent Celebrate Bamboo Comfort

    Grandparents are Deserving of Quality Bamboo Comfort

    Our grandparents are undoubtedly very special people. They gave us our parents, plus, they also parent us – often in…

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  • Oct032018
    best of bamboo celebration boyfriend

    Celebrate Uncelebrated Boyfriends with the Best of Bamboo

    Who are the people who are acknowledged least? Boyfriends. That’s right, boyfriends. There are special days for wives, girlfriends, mothers,…

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