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    Benefits of Bamboo Pillow Products for Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnoea (or apnea) is a serious condition, but it can be remedied with the use of bamboo pillow products and other changes to your sleep routine. The first change you can make — an easy one — is to get a pillow that offers support, allowing your head to be elevated. You can get this kind of pillow from The…

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  • bamboo pillow for migraine relief

    Get Relief with a Bamboo Pillow for Migraine Attacks to Celebrate Migraine Awareness Week

    If you suffer from migraines, you may know that you cannot get relief from common pain medications. But you may not know that you can use a bamboo pillow for migraine relief. What are Migraines? Migraine Trust, a research-driven charity that supports and campaigns for migraine sufferers in the UK, defines migraines as a complicated neurological debilitating disorder that affects…

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    How to Break in Your Bamboo Pillow

    Don’t be disappointed when you receive the bamboo pillow you ordered looking flat as a pancake after you tear away the packaging. That is how they are shipped – tightly rolled, compressed or even vacuum sealed to save on space and shipping cost. With the pillow looking as uncomfortable as a slab of wood, you cannot use them as is.…

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