• Oct172018
    sleep comfort avoid SIDS

    Safe Bamboo Sleep Comfort Helps Prevent SIDS

    SIDS, also referred to as cot death, is defined by the NHS as the unexpected and unexplained death, usually during…

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  • Oct052018
    Grandparent Celebrate Bamboo Comfort

    Grandparents are Deserving of Quality Bamboo Comfort

    Our grandparents are undoubtedly very special people. They gave us our parents, plus, they also parent us – often in…

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  • Oct032018
    best of bamboo celebration boyfriend

    Celebrate Uncelebrated Boyfriends with the Best of Bamboo

    Who are the people who are acknowledged least? Boyfriends. That’s right, boyfriends. There are special days for wives, girlfriends, mothers,…

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  • Sep122018
    Hypoallergenic Bamboo

    Hypoallergenic Bamboo for Eczema

    Hypoallergenic bamboo works very well to protect against eczema flare-ups and provide support during treatment and recovery. What is Eczema?…

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  • Sep072018
    antibacterial support reye's syndrome

    Antimicrobial Support to Mitigate Reye’s Syndrome

    September is Reye’s Syndrome Awareness Month. It’s time for The Bamboo Pillow to send out this alert to parents and…

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  • Jul312018
    National Girlfriends Day

    National Girlfriends Day 2018

    Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day! National Girlfriends Day isn’t an official holiday, so offices will remain open and work will go…

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  • Apr252017
    Keep Cool in the Summer

    Keep Cool in the Summer

    We all need a few good tips to keep cool in the summer. Summer is a wonderful time, full of…

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  • Apr242017
    50 Amazing Bamboo Facts

    50 Amazing Bamboo Facts

    Bamboo is one of the most amazing plants there is. Bamboo has become increasingly popular over the past few years…

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  • Feb022017
    bamboo health comfort

    Why Bamboo is Better than Cotton – Health and Comfort

    The health benefits that bamboo fibre offers are incomparable to those of any other fibre manufactured into textiles. Bamboo fibre…

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  • Jan302017
    bamboo fibre processing

    Why Bamboo is Better than Cotton – The Processing Controversy

    There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the manufacture of bamboo fabrics because of some questionable processing practices that…

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