• Jul102019

    Give the Gift of Health and Wellness on International Friendship Day

    It is wonderful and exciting to know that there is another reason to celebrate your friendship with your BFF. This…

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  • Nov142018
    sleep position GERD symptoms

    Alleviate GERD Symptoms with the Proper Sleep Position

    From November 18th to November 24th the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders, Inc. (IFFGD) promotes GERD Awareness week. The purpose…

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  • Oct312018
    Sleep Apnea Risk Good Sleep Support

    Sleep Apnea Risks and Sleep Support

    If you belong to the group of people who cannot get a good night’s sleep nightly, then you should know…

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  • Oct122018
    back care spine aware campaign health

    Get Involved in Back Care Awareness Week and World Spine Day

    For people aged 60 and above, back pain is one of the most severe disabling health conditions. The cause is…

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  • Aug282018
    Memory foam mattress comfort

    Is a Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow Really Comfortable?

    There has been a lot of doubt about whether a memory foam mattress or pillow is really comfortable to sleep…

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  • Jun162018
    father's day discount memory foam bamboo products discount

    Last Chance for Father’s Day at the Bamboo Pillow!

    The Bamboo Pillow Father’s Day Discount is expiring very soon! Have you grabbed your 20% off discount yet? Don’t let…

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  • Jun062018
    British Heart Week good sleep

    Learn about Good Sleep and Heart Health

    It’s British Heart Week from 7th June to 15th June. Learn about the connection between good sleep and heart health.…

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  • Jun052018
    father's day discount memory foam bamboo products discount

    Father’s Day at the Bamboo Pillow

    Father’s Day is just around the corner! Do you have the perfect gift for Dad? It’s not always so easy…

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  • Mar202017
    Why Gel Pillows Are Amazing

    Why Gel Pillows Are Amazing

    Memory foam is the best material that you can have for a pillow, and it is only made better by…

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  • Dec122016
    Comfortable Quality Sleep

    Better Sleep Health – Getting Quality Sleep

    If you read our previous post on getting enough sleep, you know that you need to get your eight hours…

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